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Terms and conditions

Policy Terms and conditions

General Instructions

All transactions and alert instructions, mail alert will be sent.

Commission amount of 10% will be deducted during the profit withdrawal.

Profit of 5-30% is guaranteed, when the market value is stable.

For approval after registration of account will take around 30-120min.

Deposited amount will get loaded in the wallet in an hour.

Account Handling Instructions

Trading account of each and every customer is very safe and secure, that particular account can be handled only account holder.

More than one withdrawal procedure may lead hold in account as it may be considered as account misuse.

After PAN card upload generation of PIN number may take 7-15 days*.

Re-upload or re-withdrawal should be done only when a mail alert received as the process has failed.

Withdrawal Procedure

No prior intimation is needed for withdrawal of the profit.

For capital withdrawal prior intimation is needed as that capital amount will be in slot for trade. If not intimated prior, it may lead to delay in withdrawal.

Withdrawal days (wallet to bank transfer) depend upon the trading hub.

From the day a withdrawal is requested processing from our company side will take around 4-7 days and Bank side process will take maximum of 21 days (Since it is dollar to INR conversion).

If there is any issue in bank server amount will get returned in 7-12days.

Referral and Benefits

Referral commission will be earned a referrer for the first investment made the referee.

Profits and taxes

Profits are subject change depending on the fluctuating market value. When there are occurrences like market value is not apt to trade, trade will not happen for days (it may also be for even a month).

All profits and capitals amount are subject to taxation.


Intimate before capital withdrawal.

Give withdraw only once.


Do not give multiple withdrawals


Our agencies full responsibility for any loss in the capital, taxation issue, invoice, any enquiries in bank…